Promotional Toolkit

Promotional Toolkit

Welcome to the official promotional toolkit for 9th IOC.

You are invited to make use of the following promotional materials to promote 9th IOC through your organization's network, social media platforms, lectures and meetings.

Thank you for your support.

9th IOC News Sharing Toolkit

How to use this guide:
  • Inspiration
    Edit it and change it into a style your readers are familiar with
  • Knowledge base
    Save it on your desktop as a go to guide to IOC links and dates
  • Ready to post
    Feel free to use it as a ready to use content: copy paste post

News sharing toolkit for Exhibitors is also available.
Click HERE

Social Media Toolkit

Please feel free to share the provided materials directly to your social media platform with #9th IOC to promote the 9th IOC Virtual!

  • Social Media Toolkit 1
    Option 1
  • Social Media Toolkit 2
    Option 2
  • Social Media Toolkit 3
    Option 3
Graphics for Speakers:
Graphics for Exhibiters:

Other Promotional Images

  • Other Promotional Images 1
    Option 4
  • Other Promotional Images 2
    Option 5
  • Other Promotional Images 3
    Option 6
  • Other Promotional Images 4
    Option 7
  • Other Promotional Images 5
    Option 8
  • Other Promotional Images 6
    Option 9
  • Other Promotional Images 7
    Option 10
  • Other Promotional Images 8
    Option 11
  • Other Promotional Images 9
    Option 12
  • Other Promotional Images 10
    Option 13

For Facebook Stories:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

Promotional Banner

Pease feel free to place the 9th IOC promotional banner on your website!

Promotional Slide

Use 9th IOC promotional slide at the end of your presentations at appropriate meetings and show on screens at events between presentations.

  • Promotional Slide 1
    Option 1
  • Social Media Toolkit 2
    Option 2
  • Social Media Toolkit 3
    Option 3
Promotional Slides: