Sponsorship & Exhibition

  1. Corporations that wish to host seminars or other events, positioning them as associated with the 9th IOC Congress, may do so if the following conditions are met:

    • 1)  The corporation submits the required information to the Organizing Committee and receives approval
    • 2)  The corporation hosting the seminar/event is an exhibitor at the 9th IOC Congress
    • 3)  All the seminar/event attendees register for the 9th IOC Congress
  2. Corporations that will host a seminar/event that is un-related to the 9th IOC Congress are not permitted to conduct the following acts, which could imply that the seminar/event is associated with the 9th IOC Congress:

    • 1)  Utilize the IOC, WFO or JOS, etc. names and/or logos to attract attendees
    • 2)  Schedule the seminar/event on the same dates as the 9th IOC Congress or for 3 days before and after the congress in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama or Chiba.)

Your understanding and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Organizing Committee of the 9th International Orthodontic Congress